It’s been six years in development, includes over 100 hours of content from some of the world’s leading practitioners, and is at the lowest ever price for one week only… Secrets to Recovery V4 has just launched!



We are excited to announce that peer-reviewed journal “Psychology Research and Behavior Management” has just published a research study on Secrets to Recovery independently conducted by the Chronic Illness Research Team at University of East London.

Despite only having an eight-week follow up due to time constraints, the study found improvements in sleeping difficulties and perceived control.  It has been found in previous research that perceived control impacts functional ability and psychological adjustment in those with ME/CFS over time.

You can read the study in full at:

This is only one study, and of course further research is needed over longer time periods, but we are excited by this starting point supporting the idea that Secrets to Recovery can help those with ME/CFS.

Secrets to Recovery V4 is live!

Secrets to Recovery V1.0 launched back in 2007, and since then has become a world leading resource from The Optimum Health Clinic’s team.  When V2.0 launched in 2011 over 700 people became part of the programme, and for V4 we have our very best programme to date…

What is Secrets to Recovery V4?

  1. Secrets to Recovery V4 is a world-leading online resource of training videos, teaching you the core principles of the OHC approach.
  2. All patients of the clinic are very strongly encouraged to join Secrets to Recovery to support, accelerate and help reduce the cost of their recovery path.
  3. For those unable to afford treatment, it is an amazing opportunity to access an award-winning and world-leading clinic’s approach at unbelievable value for money.

What’s included in Secrets to Recovery V4?

There are 18 modules in total, each broken down into progressive steps, and accompanied by a whole host of support materials.  Additionally, all the material from the archive of Secrets to Recovery V1.0 will still be available. The full list of new modules is as follows:

Module 1Module 1: Coaching Yourself for Recovery

Coaching Yourself for Recovery teaches you how to best support yourself on your journey to recovery. Alex shares some of the turning points in his own recovery story, along with some insights from Life Coaching to help you to be your own very best practitioner.


Module 2Module 2: Psychology Essentials

In Psychology Essentials, Alex and Anna (Director of Psychology at OHC) talk about the core principles of psychology in the OHC approach. For those new to the OHC approach, this is essential viewing, and for those more familiar, it is the clearest and simplest explanation we have made available. At the end of the module and in the support sessions you will learn tools to immediately start changing your inner state.


Module 3Module 3: Nutrition Essentials

Alex and Julia (from the nutrition team at OHC) introduce some of the key principles in nutrition and the OHC approach. In addition to discussing foods to emphasise and foods to avoid, they also give suggestions around whether eating organic is important or not.


Module 4Module 4: Meditation Essentials

A number of those with ME, CFS and Fibromyalgia have reported significant benefits from meditation. Alex and Linda Hall (a psychology practitioner and meditation teacher at OHC) discuss Linda’s own recovery story, the role that meditation played in it, and teach the basics of meditation.


Module 5Module 5: EFT Essentials

EFT is a very powerful tool for working with emotions simply and easily. Alex and Ashley Meyer (EFT trainer) introduce EFT, explain the core principles behind it, and teach you how to use it with yourself.


Module 6Module 6: Nutrition: Basic Supplements

The clinic team have a number of highly specialised and detailed protocols in the area of supplements and supporting optimum health. In this module, Alex, Julia and Lesley discuss some of the key principles you can do to support yourself whether a patient of the clinic or not.


Module 7Module 7: Meditation and Breathing

Alex and Linda build on the meditation basics taught in the first meditation module. They discuss areas such as grounding meditation, mindfulness and breathing. After each discussion, Linda does an actual meditation for each area you can listen to as many times as you like.


Module 8Module 8: Working with your Emotions

Learning to work with our emotions is critical for not only supporting recovery, but also dealing with our underlying issues that need to be worked with to prevent relapse. Alex and Anna discuss this area, some of the pitfalls people fall into, and teach you some very practical tools for supporting your emotional wellbeing, accelerating recovery, and preventing relapse.


Module 9Module 9: Advanced EFT

Ashley takes the basics of EFT from the first module to a whole new level. This module includes a number of different EFT techniques to expand your repertoire and help you work with some of the more challenging emotional situations. Techniques include Collarbone Breathing Technique, Touch and Breathe, EFT Choices and TFT for Anxiety and Fear.


Module 10Module 10: Pacing and Preventing Relapse

Finding the right activity level is absolutely critical for preventing relapse, but also supporting recovery moving forwards in a way that is listening to your body. In this video Alex and Anna explain why traditional pacing can be problematic for many people and the OHC alternative.


Module 11Module 11: Nutrition: Healthy Cooking Basics

For many on the path to recovery, they understand the importance of eating the right food, but making it easy to prepare and taste yummy is less easy. That is our aim in this module, to introduce you to some healthy recipes that are simple to cook whilst also being tasty.


Module 12Module 12: Conscious Transformation

Alex has spent the last thirteen years of his life virtually obsessed by the question, “What creates deep and lasting change in our lives?” In this module he shares some of his biggest insights and findings, including sharing the story of how he once broke his arm treating a patient!


Module 13Module 13: EFT Sessions

Alex and Sarah expand on the previous two EFT modules, focusing on the areas of pain, sleep and the EFT technique The Personal Peace Process. This module includes real life sessions with Sarah working with a patient of the clinic.


Module 14Module 14: Advanced Meditation Skills

Alex and Linda build on the meditation skills developed in the first two meditation modules, exploring the areas of creative visualisations and subtle energy. In addition to discussing the importance of these areas in supporting recovery, Linda gives meditations you can listen to and practice whenever you like.


Module 15Module 15: NLP Tools for Recovery

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is the science of understanding human behaviour and change. In this module, Alex explains some of the history behind NLP and the world of therapy, and goes on to teach two very powerful NLP techniques for dealing with confidence issues and food cravings.


Module 16Module 16: Coaching Yourself for Recovery Part 2

Alex and Thora from the psychology team at the clinic build on the original Coaching module from Secrets to Recovery V2.0. With specific tools you can use to help navigate the path of recovery, this is a key module in becoming your own best practitioner.


Module 17Module 17: Nutrition: Healthy Snacks

Getting the right kind of healthy snacks is a critical way of maintaining energy levels and supporting blood sugar, whilst also making sure we are eating the right foods. Alex and Angela from the nutrition team talk through a whole range of different snacks options with a number of different examples, whilst also giving very helpful tips and suggestions in this area.


Module 18Module 18: Self-hypnosis

Hypnosis can be a very helpful tool for getting yourself into the optimum healing state. In this module Alex and Emma discuss what is hypnosis is and isn’t, explain some of the misconceptions about hypnosis, how to use self-hypnosis, and there are then three self-hypnosis sessions professionally recoded and with music with Emma.

New for Secrets to Recovery V4.0:

  • Brand new recovery stories
  • 6 brand new calls with Alex Howard and Secrets members, topics are:
    • Pacing and daily routines
    • Maladaptive stress response and anxiety
    • Dealing with helper and achiever subtypes
    • Getting back into life at latter stages of recovery 
    • Dealing with feeling stuck

Watch the videos below to see some feedback from members of the original Secrets to Recovery:

With each module ranging in length from around 40-60 minutes, with an average of 3 hours of support materials from the original Secrets to Recovery, you can see why this really is a world leading resource. And, because each module is carefully designed to take you step-by-step, you will find the website incredibly easy to navigate.

Additional Lifetime Access to Secrets to Recovery V1.0

Full membership of the brand new Secrets to Recovery V4 also includes lifetime access to the original Secrets to Recovery, which is integrated into the website. This alone includes 90 sessions of audio interviews and transcripts. Put another way, this is 90 CDs of sessions and 12 full books length of content!

Content from Secrets to Recovery V1.0 includes over 30 inspirational recovery stories, covering almost the entire range of experiences, with stories from different backgrounds, cultures, age groups, and almost the whole range of ME, CFS and Fibromyalgia experiences. This means that you can hear how people just like you created their recovery path.

Secrets to Recovery

“Inspiring, supportive and positive. There is a very real sense of shared purpose and optimism amongst members and practitioners at the clinic.” Peter, Bristol (Original Secrets member)

Members of Secrets to Recovery V1.0 since the beginning paid £675, and the 18 new modules in V2.0 and V3.0 were a further £400 (so total of £1,075).

But, we really want people to benefit from Secrets to Recovery for all of the reasons mentioned.  So, although the price is now £197, for a limited time we are making 100 full memberships for the original huge saving offered on V2.0 of just £97.  You also receive full access to the original V1.0 archive and all of the content of V2.0 and V3.0 which took five years of development.  There is an additional option to pay your membership in instalments to spread the cost (details below, additional admin fee included for instalment options).

As explained, this is strictly limited to the first 100 people, after that, the price will be staying at £197.

IMPORTANT NOTE: After completing your payment please wait for the page to direct you back to the registration page where you will create your username and password that are required to login to the website.

Payment Type Access to STR V1.0-V5.0 included? Access to future updates included? Access Type Total
One-off payment of £97 Yes Yes Full £97
3 Monthly instalments of £39 Yes Yes Full £117
5 Monthly instalments of £25 Yes Yes Full £125

“There is so much information that makes sense of a very complex condition. Putting it all on an MP3 player was a stroke of genius – a complete information and support system anytime, anywhere!”

– Moira (current member)

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to e-mail

P.S. Please note MP3 players no longer included, but you can download audio files to your own devices.

P.P.S. I know it’s easy to think you have tried everything, or to wonder whether something is going to work for you.  But, Secrets to Recovery has over 100 hours of resources from a world-leading, award-winning clinic team.  I strongly encourage you to explore this further.  And, if after 30 days you decide it is not for you, we will happily give you a full refund.