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Welcome to Secrets to Recovery!

We have designed this new version of Secrets to Recovery specifically in such a way as to help and support you on your recovery path.  It can be a bit overwhelming to have so much material and information available to you, so we have put together this page to give you some guidance in how to approach all the available resources in an easy and helpful way.

There are 18 modules in total, and these are grouped according to topic: Psychology, Nutrition, EFT and Meditation.  The full list is below.  Every module has a short video introduction and you can watch these to give you an idea of what is covered in each module.  We recommend that you work through the modules in order to get the most out of the site, as some of the later modules will build on material covered in earlier ones.

We have also provided audio and transcript downloads of all the videos in each module.  You can download these from the individual module pages.

Support Sessions
Modules 1-15 each have a section called Support Sessions from Secrets to Recovery V1.0 and in this section we have set out specific sessions from the original Secrets to Recovery which are relevant to that module, or which expand upon the information covered.  Both audio and transcripts are available for all of the Support Sessions, along with a short summary of each session.

Secrets to Recovery V1.0
The entire archive of Secrets to Recovery V1.0 is available under the section STRV1.0.  As on the previous site, this is categorised by Recovery Stories, Psychology, Nutrition, Miscellaneous and the Bonus section.

Resource Packs
In the Resource Packs section you can find  two exclusive resource packs: ‘The Carers’ Support Pack’ and ‘Get the Financial Support You Deserve’,  the ebook version of ‘Secrets to Recovery: 12 Lessons in Healing ME’ and 16 in-depth recovery stories from Secrets to Recovery V1.0.

Module 1 – Coaching Yourself for Recovery

Module 2 – Psychology Essentials

Module 3 – Nutrition Essentials

Module 4 – Meditation Essentials

Module 5 – EFT Essentials

Module 6 – Nutrition: Basic Supplements

Module 7 – Meditation and Breathing

Module 8 – Working with Your Emotions

Module 9 – Advanced EFT

Module 10 – Pacing and Preventing Relapse

Module 11 – Nutrition: Health Cooking Basics

Module 12 – Conscious Transformation

Module 13 – EFT Sessions

Module 14 – Advanced Meditation Skills

Module 15 – NLP Tools for Recovery

Module 16 – Coaching Yourself for Recovery 2

Module 17 – Nutrition: Health Snacks

Module 18 – Self-hypnosis.

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